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Harlequin Fayre is a beautiful show to create, thank you for having come along and been a part of it.

Year on year we make changes to keep it fresh and make improvements. If you and your friends came last year please each fill in a feedback form. We will feed this back into the mix and it will help to steer where we take the show.

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Watching my one year old daughter giggling and happy from the moment we got there to the moment we left!

drinking cocktails under the stars with great music

Dancing for 7 hours on Saturday evening/night

My 5 year old daughter saying "I love being a little kid, it's awesome here"

lying under an oak tree doing yoga in the morning sunshine

seeing my friends reaction to the general chilled out feel of the fayre.

I loved the texture of everything at Harlequin

The Albion Fayre has returned at last

Sitting around the fire, with friends.... Being treated like a grown up...

too rude to print here - that and the impromptu session with that fantastic latin band in the bar on the last night

relaxing in the sun at Nomad stage with a delicious drink

The look on my children faces throughout the weekend and how much fun they were having, they gain a priceless experience

children vs adults tug of war - no mercy!

Watching the sky turn orange with a beautiful feeling of belonging

Forest Schools was AMAZING

First live band in Harlequin Stage.... a fellow Zimbabwean performing really well.

Walking the labyrinth in the evening with my 5 year old son

having a willow sword fight with a security member who was dressed as a pirate

Watching my children run wild

silly stuff with friends, and DRESSING UP!

Being with amazing friends and making new ones

chilling with the kids occupied...nice

Sitting in the wooded area and exploring the new site!

sitting at the edge of the bar with family watching everything going on and enjoying the atmosphere.

Running around with my little girl dressed as pirates

meeting friends in a lovely place

Medieval games the boys loved it!!!!!

The group photo it felt like family

spending time with family: daughter and grandchildren

Too many!! Circus, music, fancy dress!

Walking through the light labyrinth

My son having a glorious time and meeting up with current friends and meeting new x

Fancy dress

reggae club night

Seeing the smiles of the whole family. Meeting nice people.

definately waking up each morning with my friends to see the sun rise from our campsite

Just the full experience

From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, all beautiful memories.