Please read this page fully, paying special attention to which days you would be on site, before filling out the APPLICATION FORM with Medley Productions.

Harlequin Fayre runs with the help of a large number of crew in diverse and easy-going roles. We create more crew places than the event strictly needs, which means we all get to enjoy the week.

~ As Crew you get a vehicle pass, free camping and a good meal every day you help.

~ Crews with shifts during the event commit 4hrs a day and training is given on the afternoon that you arrive (see * on arrival dates).

~ If you are reliable, reasonably mobile and have a smile we would like to hear from you.

Having brilliant crew is part of what makes Harlequin Fayre brilliant, so big thanks go out to all of you for helping to make it happen.

If you would like to bring your children you will need to buy their tickets and ensure you have arranged care during your shift.

Each year all crew places are filled well before the event so please apply early.

A deposit is £75 is payable to be refunded at the end of duty or after the event bank to bank. If you have successfully crewed at 2 Medley Productions events in the past 3 years you can be exempted from paying the deposit.


arrive the weekend before the event. We aim to leave the site empty by the Wednesday after the event. We have a lot of fun and work pretty hard then kick back and relax during the event then swing into the takedown.

First and Last concentrate more on laying the site out and getting all the ingredients in place. 

Team Build It puts much of the show up and deals with fencing, plumbing, carpentry, marquee erection etc.

Creation Crew look after the decorative side of the site, from flags and lighting through to installations.

arrive half a day before their first shift to set up camp and receive training. During the event do one 4hr shift per day.

Day Stewards (9am-9pm) guide the public in arriving and finding their way around the site.

Green Stewards (9am-6pm) help the event stay clean and support with amazing recycling.

Night Stewards (9pm-3am) work alongside the Security firm to just put a few more sets of eyes and radios on the field overnight.

Bar Crew (11am-3am) serve on the bar and make the bars fun places to be.

Gate Crew (9am-9pm) deal with wristbands and vehicle passes.

Toilet Fairies (8am-6pm) liaise with the toilet contractors, and make sure loos and urinals are kept useable.

Kidz Area (10am-6pm) fill roles as parts of workshops or general helpers.

Rides Team (10am-6pm) operate a set of children's Swing-boats.

Each year all crew places are filled well before the event so please apply early.

You will need to arrive at the event by 10am on your first day, except where there is a * which denotes arrival by 3pm to set up your camp and recieve training before your first shift. Exceptions cannot be made.

Team NameHours of DutyDays on site
First & Last Busy pre & post event, no duty during event29 July - 4 & 8 - 10 Aug
Team Build ItBusy pre & post event, no duty during event30* July - 4 & 8 - 10 Aug
Creation CrewBusy pre & post event, no duty during event30* July - 4 & 8 - 10 Aug
Day Stewards 4hrs / day during event3* - 7 Aug
Night Stewards 4hrs / day during event4- 7 Aug
Gate Crew 4hrs / day during event3* - 7 Aug
Bar Crew 4hrs / day during event3* - 7 Aug
Toilet Fairlies up to 4hrs / day during event3* - 7 Aug
Green Stewards / Recyling 4hrs / day during event4 - 8 Aug
Kidz Area Crew4hrs / day during event4* - 7 Aug
Rides / PA / Admin4hrs / day during event4* - 7 Aug

All Crew Applications go through Medley Productions. For the application form please CLICK HERE