What's On

Our stunning setting 30 minutes West of Norwich makes the perfect playground. We have space, woodlands and calm. Join us for the warm up on evening on Thursday to set your camp, relax and have a dance. By Friday the whole show is running at full steam, with activities, shows, workshops and treats to be found throughout the event.

Year on year we put on an increasingly spectacular show, so roll on 2018!

Kidz Area:

The Harliquin Kidz Area is a creative hub of fun under the sun, sailing the high seas 10.00am to 6.00pm daily.

Our crew includes;
The legendary Albion Kids Show
Gun powder Gertie and her solar powered Vardo stage
Willow Phoenix Commedia dell arte Puppets
Community Cardboard Builders
Mar Luc and the Dustbin Lids
Abigals Mud Kitchen
Pamela's Interactive Theatre
The Harlequinades Arts and Craft
The Pandemonium Shadowy Show
Sick Teens & Jam Sandwiches
Print to the People...

will there be room for you all to explore a mountain of materials and endless inspiration in East Albion Kids Field?

Parents Welcome too !



Come and get involved in all manner of hands-on activities!

Yarn Bombing
Spoon Carving
Pole Lathing
Sign Writing
Chainsaw Carving



This year in the circus area we will be running from 10-5 from Friday to Sunday with circus workshops every day. Kick starting the morning with yoga at 10 everyday, followed by acro yoga, aerial silks and hoop workshops, hula hoop workshops and club manipulation and passing. We'll also have juggling workshops and flying theraputics, so there should be something for pretty much every one throughout the day. Ever fancied learning how to stand on your hands or fly through the air? Then this is the space for you to play! Check the boards outside for exact workshop times, and this year sign in early to avoid disappointment! We will have sign up sheets available for anyone who wants to join in on the aerial workshops- that's adults and children alike, so pack your leggings!

On Friday and Saturday you can let your creative bad self loose whilst Theatre of Escapades hosts the nightly fancy dress competetion- this is for children AND grownups so don't go leaving your best dressed at home- you'll need it for sure.

Also on Friday and Sturady night, the High Wired Circus team have produced two very special show especially for Harlequin Fayre. Watch out for bawdy pirates and vulgar Victorians prepering their very best for you as the night draws in. This is the land of bedtime stories and fairy tales released. Roll up roll up to the circus tent for shows at 9pm that will leaves jaws dropping and sides splitting.

The fun doesn't stop there...Keep your eyes peeled for pesky bananas and their Ukelele Orchestra, musical mayhem from Honk and well balanced shadows lurking around corners you didn't even know were there!

Last but not least, The Golden Flames will be graceing us with their glorious presence. A fire show as stunning and beautiful as any you've seen. These shows radiate the soul- literally!

We can't wait to share the magik this year...See you in a field soon!



We have long enjoyed having a calm space away from the loud and the noise that offers a place to sit and engage in talks, discussion and film.

With speakers from far and wide on topics as varied as lost ancient civilisations and technologies, to the effects of the subtle and the management of much. Step inside and find out more.

The Pentos Talkspace - the arena for the marvellous.



In numerous locations our Strorytellers will bewitch, beguile and enthrall with their tales.

Suzanne Storyweaver
Liam Caroll
Tilly the Talespinner
Shane Ibbs
Andy Jennings
Justine de Mierre
Suki Silvertongue



With all sorts of small areas and activities taking place, and all with the smiple beauty of a large varied woodland, come and hang out and play!



In the woods.... There will be Forest School, sensory trails, camp fire cooking, game preparation, lots of woodland crafts, water play, mud kitchens, story telling, foraging walks, animal track and sign walks, sit spots, wildlife watching, den building, whittling, bowdrill fire lighting, silly games, making face paint and camouflage, wet felting, natural weaving, flower printing, child led play, family laughter, relaxing and celebrations!

And watch out for the Mad Hatters Tea Party



In this beautiful 40ft Roundhouse you will find a workshop space for all sorts of activities.



Tucked under the dappled light of Oak, Holly, Birch, Honeysuckle, Hawthorn and Ash is the Healing Area - a gentle space for quiet reflection; offering a wide range of treatments with qualified therapists; a whole programme of FREE workshops; the Red Tent - a safe and nurturing place for women to 'be' with an exciting programme of workshops and circles'; Tree of Messages to express your dreams and wishes; our Elemental Garden and the Light Labyrinth every evening

Massage (Lots from Aromatherapy to Holistic to Swedish)
Indian Head Massage
Stillness Touch Cranio-Sacral
Crystal Healing
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Hands on Healing
Flower Essences
Emotional Freedom Technique
Fusion Healing
Healing Gong Baths
Reiki Drum


T’ai Chi
Early Morning Hatha Yoga
Vinyassa Flow Yoga
Drum Journeying
Therapeutic Art
Gong Baths
Chi Gung



This year Nomad stage is taking the booking to the next level, bringing acts in including local legends, regional acts that have the time to pop through for a performance, and fabulous musicians and singers from as far as London, Somerset, Devon and Bristol!

The stage will have plenty of high energy electronic looping sets, Alt-Rock, reggae, as well as more relaxed folk music, solo artists, country duos, and some fantastic musical instruments including Sitar, loop stations, and slide guitars, banjos, and fiddles.

Nomad runs from the morning right through 'til late at night and it's dedicated sound team keep things moving throughout the festival to provide the best entertainment for Harlequin Fayre rowdy ready revelers and mellow movers alike.

Come and see, gather round...it's going to be special!



We have hundreds of great musicians on site, and the PA here is good but simple so most slots will be programmed over the course of the weekend. Expesome lively jamming, storytelling, humour, dancing and maybe a bit of late night DJ sets. At some point the kids will take over the stage; bring instruments!

Acts will include

2 Bit Operators

And many many more



Harlequin Fayre is about relaxing in clean simple comfort, camping up in beautiful spots and not having to worry about the kids.

To this end we have a new site about 30minutes West of Norwich that allows plenty of space and exploring, as well as lots of tucked away corners for all the treasures we have pulled together for you.

Food and booze is locally supplied - we have all sorts of award winning and environmentally sound businesses in the area, and Harlequin Fayre serves as a great place for them to come together.

The campsites are between the parking and the Arenas, so there are no long distances. Glamping is available. Loos are plentiful and cleaned often. There is a sauna, we have showers. Bar prices are low, caterers are varied and wonderful, and our entire crew works tirelessly to help make this weekend a star of an event.