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Our stunning setting 30 minutes West of Norwich makes the perfect playground. We have space, woodlands and calm. Last year's new venue was Scrap Racketeers, this year we introduce the Goddess Stage. Join us for the warm up on evening on Thursday to set your camp, relax and have a dance. By Friday the whole show is running at full steam, with activities, shows, workshops and treats to be found throughout the event.

The 2016 listings below may whet your appetite. The 2017 listings will appear gradually as we piece the elements of the new show together and come up with new creative gems. Year on year we put on an increasingly spectacular show, so roll on 2017!


Thursday (early opening) afternoon 'til Sunday late, with great acts including

The Turbans
Kog and the Zongo Brigade
The Downsetters
Feral Mouth
Midnight Zu
Ouse Valley Singles Club
Das Fenster and the Alibis
Josh Doughty
Thy Last Drop
Tibetan Night Terrors
Moxy Garbanzo
Mobious Loop
Zambra Project
Miniature Universe
Behave and BeQuiet
The Inexplicables
Suki Silvertongue
Johny Jump Band
Jack Pout Band
Hara Tribal Bellydance
The Rum Dogs
King Kiwanda
Suzanne Storyweaver
Soapbox Presents
Wiggle & Giggle
Mike the Mic

and many more besides


Kidz Area:

The Harliquin Kidz Area is a creative hub of fun under the sun, sailing the high seas 10.00am to 6.00pm daily.

Our crew includes;
The legendary Albion Kids Show
Gun powder Gertie and her solar powered Vardo stage
Willow Phoenix Commedia dell arte Puppets
Community Cardboard Builders
Mar Luc and the Dustbin Lids
Abigals Mud Kitchen
Pamela's Interactive Theatre
The Harlequinades Arts and Craft
The Pandemonium Shadowy Show
Sick Teens & Jam Sandwiches
Print to the People...

will there be room for you all to explore a mountain of materials and endless inspiration in East Albion Kids Field?

Parents Welcome too !



Come and get involved in all manner of hands-on activities!

Yarn Bombing
Spoon Carving
Pole Lathing
Sign Writing
Chainsaw Carving



Tucked away in the woods, storytellers, theatre and mystery!



Drawing on the finest of performing talent, the circus area is now central to our show. We have the pleasure of welcoming performers from several circus groups, including High Wired Circus, Pendragon Circus, Aerialism, Dirty Feet Productions, Cambridge Community Circus and many many more!

With back to back workshops running Friday, Saturday and Sunday, why not try out your aerial or ground based circus skills? Trapeze not your thing? Learn to balance a friend on your feet, or have a go at clowning around?

With Capoeira workshops and a morning wiggle and giggle there really is something for everyone, and if taking part isn't your thing then come along for the Friday and Saturday evening shows to allow yourself to be amazed and drawn into the magic of circus...Family friendly entertainment for the whole weekend!

Oh, and don't forget the fancy dress competition of Friday and Saturday night, when Theatre of Escapades will judge you....Under-dress at your peril!



Tucked under the dappled light of Oak, Holly, Birch, Honeysuckle, Hawthorn and Ash is the Healing Area - a gentle space for quiet reflection; offering a wide range of treatments with qualified therapists; a whole programme of FREE workshops; the Red Tent - a safe and nurturing place for women to 'be' with an exciting programme of workshops and circles'; Tree of Messages to express your dreams and wishes; our Sacred Medicinal Herb Garden and the Light Labyrinth every evening

Therapies include:
The Travelling Homeopaths
Crystal Healing
Indian Head Massage
Evolved Soul Healing
Quantum Touch Healing
Stillness Touch
Esoteric Healing
The Balance Procedure

Workshops include:
T'ai Chi
Gong Meditation
Children's Yoga
Children's Massage
Herb Walks
Indian Head Massage



With all sorts of small areas and activities taking place, and all with the smiple beauty of a large varied woodland, come and hang out and play!



We have long enjoyed having a calm space away from the loud and the noise that offers a place to sit and engage in talks, discussion and film.

With speakers from far and wide on topics as varied as lost ancient civilisations and technologies, to the effects of the subtle and the management of much. Step inside and find out more.

Our luminaries this year include Adrian Gilbert, Dr Rock, Mark Devlin, Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom, Christopher Deogee, Jonathan Adams to name but a


The Pentos Talkspace - the arena for the marvellous.



In this beautiful 40ft Roundhouse you will find two venues in one. Daytime, a workshop space for all sorts of activities. From the evening onwards we turn on the speakers and crank up the party in our DJ led venue in the woods

Daytime Workshops (whole weekend):

African Drummng Workshop
Natural Voice Workshop
Body Percussion Workshop
Bodrahn Classes
Eco Building
Straw Bale Building

And as the evening draws in:

Friday - reggae, dub

Rebel Lion


Tree:- ambient "whomp"
Blake:- ambient
Terry:- minimal/ progressive house
Sam wise one:- psytrance/ tech
Paul blyth:- psytrance/ dub
James Mermagen:- house


Ollie brock:- funk
Wessy:- disco
Chris spacehopper, Paul mills:- disco
Sarah:- disco/ breaks
Zav:- electro breaks
Paul westrup: funky house



The Nature Connection area will be set in the woods, around fires and include all kinds of activities to suit all sorts of interests. Whether you would like to relax around the fire and feel connected, create with natural materials, learn how to skin and tan rabbit skins, get wild with woodwork, spend time shamanicaly reconnecting or go and gather lots of nerdy information on plants/dyes/potions this is the area to visit.
Green wood working
Willow weaving
Shelter building
Tinder collecting
Fire making – inc bow drill tutorials ( Booked one to one or small group sessions only)
Foraging walks
Cooking wild food on open fires
Skinning rabbits and making rabbit burgers
Plucking and preparing pigeons
Tanning rabbit skins – the natural way
Healing balm making
Making natural dyes
Mayan spinning and yarn making
Coil basket making
Making charcoal pencils for art
Nettle cordage making
Natural jewellery making
Foraged teas
Wild storytelling
Wildlife photography
Tree and plant lore walks
Learning your knots sessions
Rope swings
Nature and spirituality walk
Lots and lots of child led mischief and always some risky play!
In the area you will find passionate nature lovers and facilitators from Ringsfield Eco Centre, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Outragous Nature Company (TBC), Inter-nature, Earth Eduaction UK, Nature Nurture, Huathe Forest School and freelance facilitators.



Our Solar Powered Stage brings a wide range of smaller acts that suit the setting, overlooking the Crafts Area

Horo Quintet
Skipyard Rockers
Alderson, Patteron & Dashwood
Jess Morgan
James Frost
Itchy Fingers
The Ragtime Band
Woodland Creatures
Loose Leaf Drifters
Ian Lowry & Emily Wing
Katie Riddle
Georgia Shakleton
The Rum Dogs
Sound of Sight
Chris Webb
Freya Roy
Uppardi & Clark
Pete Turrell
Paul Gill
Bark Prelude

Finshing with a beautiful Gong Ceremony from Michael Milas



Our newest venue will play host to smaller acts and offer a space for musicians to jump on stage and wow you

Acts will include

BK & Dad
Swan Vesta Social Club
Johnny Jump Band

And many many more



Harlequin Fayre is about relaxing in clean simple comfort, camping up in beautiful spots and not having to worry about the kids.

To this end we have a new site about 30minutes West of Norwich that allows plenty of space and exploring, as well as lots of tucked away corners for all the treasures we have pulled together for you.

Food and booze is locally supplied - we have all sorts of award winning and environmentally sound businesses in the area, and Harlequin Fayre serves as a great place for them to come together.

The campsites are between the parking and the Arenas, so there are no long distances. Glamping is available. Loos are plentiful and cleaned often. There are now 2 saunas and showers. Bar prices are low, caterers are varied and wonderful, and our entire crew works tirelessly to help make this weekend a star of an event.